The application DiskMuster is an attempt to write modern multiplatform open source GUI applications using Qt libraries. The purpose is to organize your data storages in the simple database and to provide you basic information about single files.

The idea of using is following. You put your CDs, DVDs and other mediums into your DVD-ROM, the program will search for important data about files, make some thumbnails of your pictures, read mp3 tags, read video resolution, FPS, codec etc. and it will save it in local database.

After that you can export lists of your movies in HTML, you can search for files on your DVDs and you don't have to write your own list by hand. You can really quickly find your old photos, backuped documents or other data.

If these features remind you anything, it is not coincidence. DiskMuster should replace some MS Windows only applications, e.g. Disk Explorer or Whereisit. There is also DiskMuster's advantage of open source licence which is GNU GPL.